13 Days Til Halloween


13 days ’til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, 13 days ’till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Who can guess what movie that is from?

So, it has been quite a while since I have posted any reviews. I have been so busy lately; it’s ridiculous how much I have had going on. But, I’m writing today to announce that it is almost Halloween…13 days! 13 is my favorite/lucky number, hence, why it also appears in Film Junkie’s URL. I’m hoping to post a few things these next couple days until Halloween about some of my favorite and/or iconic horror films. I’m thinking something along the lines of reviews, trivia, and where are they now posts.If you have any suggestions of horror films that you would like me to review or do a where are they now post, then please let me know! Comment below with your suggestions. Also, I will try to continue with Trivia Tuesday.

I also have some VERY exciting news. It is somewhat movie related, but I will announce the news sometime tomorrow.


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