I’m Baaaack!


Hey there, fellow cinephiles!

After a somewhat long hiatus, Film Junkie is back! I personally have been very busy with school (who knew junior year of college could be so time consuming?), and it has killed me a little on the inside that I haven’t updated this site in such a long time. I love talking about movies, and with Film Junkie’s ONE YEAR birthday coming up soon (April 29!), I decided it’s time to add more room in my schedule and continue updating Film Junkie. I also decided it was time to change Film Junkie’s appearance a bit. I gotta say, I’m really liking the new layout/theme!

Expect more reviews, more trivia, more pictures, more randomness, and more of what we movie buffs love and adore!


Yes! Film Junkie is back!

Yes! Film Junkie is back!