Beautiful War Music Video–Finally Released!


Today the Kings of Leon music video I was an extra in last month was released today. I was really excited to watch it and it did not disappoint. Also, I’m pretty excited that I actually showed up on camera! As I mentioned in my “The Day I Was An Extra” post, I was a rodeo spectator. I appear in the video towards the end. Look for me–I’m wearing sunglasses and a brown jacket and I’m on the left side of the screen.

So, here it is, the Beautiful War music video:

Were you or someone you know an extra that day? What was your favorite memory from the video shoot?

Comment on what you think of the video! Yay or nay?

Beautiful War


Yesterday I mentioned I have some exciting news to announce. Well, it has something to do with these guys:

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

I get to be a background performer (or “extra”) in the music video for the song Beautiful War off of Kings of Leon’s new album. Now, this might not have anything to do with movies or a TV show (this website is called Film Junkie and not Music Junkie), but as I’m sure you can imagine, I’m really excited about this opportunity. And if you think about it, music videos are kind of like mini-movies. Filming is taking place in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I’m scheduled to be on set tomorrow and depending on how everything goes tomorrow, I would like to write a post about my experience on the set of a music video shoot. Also, in the information I was provided, this music video will feature actor Garrett Hedlund.

In the meantime, if you haven’t ever listened to any of Kings of Leon’s songs then check them out! The song that I’m going to be in the music video for is a good song, too.


Their new album is called Mechanical Bull